How nature improves our mental & physical health

We all know that being nature is good for us. Maybe we were told when we were younger by our parents that we needed to get outside, or we have gone camping with relatives in the past. But how exactly is nature good for us? As it turns out, being in nature – whether for a camping trip, a walk, for a workout, or even just to take a couple breaths – is incredibly beneficial to us, for both our mental and our physical health. Here are just a few of the ways that nature can improve our mental and physical health.

It can make us feel more creative.

How many books or poems have you ever read that included some reference to nature? Being in nature can encourage us to realize how wonder and awe can be found just about anywhere – so long as we stop to pay attention for long enough. By encouraging us to slow down and be more “serene,” nature gives us the opportunities to rethink our creative goals in a calmer state of mind. Nature may even encourage the first few phases of the creative process, known as the “Preparation” phase and the “Incubation” phase – respectively. If you are ever stuck on that creative project of yours, try taking a walk in the woods! You never know what ideas might spring out of just taking a few breaths of fresh air and some time to yourself.

Outdoor exercise is extremely beneficial.

If you have grown tired of your typical everyday gym routine, try working out in the great outdoors. There are many benefits as to why exercising in nature can be more beneficial than your average indoor regime. For one, it can cut down some costs without needing to pay for a drop-in fee or a gym membership. And two, it can challenge your body even more than working on a flat indoor surface ever could. The outdoor terrain is ever-changing, providing an extra obstacle to overcome. There are plenty of different recreational sports you can partake in while outdoors. Softball, kickball, lacrosse, and even more. Even if you are not an avid athlete, joining a sports team can help you to consistently exercise while also experiencing the outdoors. It can even serve as a social outlet. Finally, exercising in nature is free! You can go for a walk at any point, a jog, use your bodyweight, or go for a hike. Where working out in your local gym might feel more like a chore, exercising outdoors is a lot more fun and offers so many benefits.

Nature has been proven to ward off depression.

There are many reasons why someone would want to deepen their connection with nature, and one of those reasons is that nature can improve your mood and reduce feelings of anger or stress. Research has shown that a variety of mood disorders can be lessened or even lifted by spending more time outdoors. With external factors like work troubles, financial difficulties, or health issues weighing us down, a good way to relieve some stress is to take a walk in the woods. It might not fix all your issues, but it can give you a better sense of peace of mind. Especially for people suffering from mood disorders who do not want to take medication or therapy, turning to nature therapy is a great, free self-improvement resource. Of course, nature is not a cure-all for serious conditions, but it can certainly alleviate some symptoms and encourage the healing process.

Nature could improve our cognitive function.

There have been recent studies to suggest that being immersed in nature can actually reduce our feelings of isolation, calm, and even lift our mood. Not only that, but nature can improve our cognitive function. It can do this by lowering our blood pressure and stress hormones, thereby reducing excess nervous system arousal, and mitigating anxiety. Without any extra stress hanging around and giving us the sort of “brain fog” that we might feel after a hard day of studying for exams or working on a new project, we can think much clearer and are much more equipped to seizing the day. Growing research studies have even shown that attention disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder are lessened in outdoor environments. This is due to the promoted calm and lifted mood.

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All in all, there are so many reasons to get outside. Take a moment for yourself to close your laptop and go for a stroll in nature. We promise you won’t regret it!